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Cant login. auth0 lock in a loop



I have developed a application according to the example that auth0 documentation (using all the same libraries). It all works well when i debug it and run in my local machine. But when i deployed this application to a server i am unable to login to my application it keeps pointing me back to auth0 lock after i enter my user credentials. Im not sure what is the cause here is cause all i see in my dashboard logs are “Success Exchange and Success login”. Can someone tell me where i might have gone wrong ?

Thanks in advance.


This usually isn’t an issue on Auth0’s side, but on the application side. My guess is that your application doesn’t think the access token is valid and handles the error state by throwing the user back to Auth0. First thing to check would be your application logs.

After that, make sure your application has some better error handling, because your app should expect/be able to handle an authentication error. If a user is blocked or a rule stops the login, Auth0 would still send the user to your app, just with an error message attached instead of a token.


Thank you for the quick reply. And you are right it was something from the application side. Thanks again.