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we are using auth0 with web forms (), universal login and works like charm. Now we would like to use a postman to test our api endpoints, but we are unable to authorize.
We can get a new token via postman, our collection authorization settings can be view in

So we get a access token, but when we try to make an request response is always going to our login page.
Our application is 4.5 web forms, we are using forms authentication.

Any info how to solve this situation?
Frano Hartman.

Hi @franohartman,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community Forum!

If you are simply trying to obtain an access token for testing your API, a test token can be found in the dashboard under APIs > {your api} > Test > Response > access_token.

Also, you may want to rotate your client secret since it is mostly visible in your screen shot!

Hope this helps!


Hi Dan,

thank you for fast response and information about client secret which I have rotated out.
Your solution is not solving my problem, because I need to authenticate Postman with my web app / api (Not Auth0 api) which is using forms authentication with lock.js

in web.config I have :

> <authentication mode="Forms">
>       <forms loginUrl="logon.aspx" cookieless="UseCookies" timeout="120" />
>     </authentication>
>     <authorization>
>       <deny users="?" />
>     </authorization>

in logon.aspx there is code for lock.js which is processing request to simple http module login.ashx which is processing request via restclient, asking auth0 token and then via auth0 api asking access token.
Then we are getting usermetada and if user is approved, C# is writing forms authentication cookie.
So I will need to do same with postman, obtain a cookie and send it with my request.

Do you have experience in this?
Regards, Frano.

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