Postman is not generating my token correctly

Hello !
I need some help :c
I’m trying to authenticate my request on postman so i can call my ASP.NET Core API, securize with jwt authentication.

I’ve already did that a couple months ago without any problem.

But now, i’ve created a new tenant
Created a new API in auth0,
Configured my API with my new audience and my new domain

then, i created a client app, so i can have a client Id and a client secret.

Then i came in my postman collection.
Edited my environment variables so all my calls use the new tenant’s apps.

And what a surprise when i got a 401 unauthorized on my API.

When i came back to the olds value from old tenant (auth0 domain’s ([tenant], clientId, clientSecret, audience)
And change the audience in my ASP NET Core API. It worked.

I inspected both generated tokens
And it cames with the fact that, one has in his header “alg: RS256” and a fullfilled payload (the one which work)
and the other has in his header “alg: dir” and an empty payload.

So i dont really undestand what i misconfigured in my apps.
I tried to compare both API and both client apps, nothing came to be different.

If you had any idea on why it does not work, i would be very thankfull !

Thanks for your help !

Hi @briceschumacher21,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you encountered the 401 Unauthorized error when requesting access tokens from your application.

First, could you please share your complete /oauth/token request with me?

And could you please verify that you have enabled your application to use this API? You can check by navigating to your Auth0 Dashboard > Applications > APIs and clicking on the Machine-to-Machine tab.

On there, find your application and enable it. Then, expand the permission settings and select the permissions (scopes) for this client. Then retry the /oauth/token request.

Please let me know how this works for you.

Thank you.