Postman - Login to an Auth0 login page and mimic browser actions

Hi Team,

I’m fairly new to Auth0 and our Developers recently changed the login page to use Auth0 login form. We previously used basic authentication i.e. a username and password, in which we could send via a POST request and we would be able to save cookies and continue to use Postman requests to replicate browser behaviour. E.g. We would login to the web app using postman, and navigate to certain pages that would not be accessible if you were not logged in. Please note, I’m not referring to APIs, but rather returning HTML pages in which we would carry out certain actions on the output.

I’m trying to do the same with the new Auth0 login page however I feel very overwhelmed. I’ve so far managed to get back a token by sending a request to the url “https…myurl…oauth/token” with the following paramaters:

client_id, client_secret, audience, grant_type

I now have a token. However, I’m not sure where/when I actually pass in the username and password. Do I create another post request to the URL the login form is using to pass in paramaters with the token? In which I then save all cookies and I should now be able to access restricted pages?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!