Verification Emails Delivered Sporadically


We are having an issue some of our verification emails are not getting forwarded for some new users on our site. We have experienced the issue first hand with our dev team while smoke testing our application in that some of our teams test account received the emails whereas other did not.

I feel like the issue is within Auth0 since our SendGrid logs verify that the emails where never sent. Furthermore I’ve checked our SendGrid suppression lists and the affected users are no where to be found.

The affected accounts DO have an Auth0 account which is marked as email unverified. I’ve trolled through our Auth0 logs and cannot find any errors associate with the accounts that have not received their verification email. Additionally, we have a management api endpoint on our site that allows our users to request a new verification email which works MOST of the time on the first or second try.

Does anyone have any ideas of what we can do to further debug this on the Auth0 site to resolve the issue?

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We are having the same issue at our company, we have had an influx of support requests about users not receiving their verification emails. Some are going through and can see that in Sendgrid, others are not.

We are seeing this in production as well. US-1 tenants.

Hello @here!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention in the community - Engineering is aware of this issue and currently investigating.

We are still seeing this. Any updates on resolution?

We are still waiting for updates from our Engineering team, and will check again on Monday and let you know.