"Verifiaction email" email is missing the url variable 'email'

I want to show email address in my verification email. the email message parses the email value from the link, but the link is missing ‘email’ variable in the url query.
Can anyone help?

Redirect Url:

The url looks like this www.something.com/verificationemail.html?supportSignUp=true&supportForgotPassword=true&message=This%20account%20is%20already%20verified.&success=false&code=already-verified

^^above url is missing ‘email’ value

Hi @Ehtved,

To add an email to the Auth0 email template you should use liquid syntax and user.email.

Where are you getting that URL?

I can user user.email using liquid syntax in email template, but I want to show a url in the email template and when user clicks on that url (which is shown in email template via liquid syntax {{url}} ) it would have a text confirming they verified followed up with their email id.

i have no issues displaying email in email template I want to show email in the url.

I am getting this url from auth0->branding->email template->redirect to.

This link is where I have deployed content which shows up when user clicks on vreification email’s url link

I don’t have a clear understanding of what you are asking, but I think this might be helpful.

You can append anything to the URL after the fragment (#) by using the append filter. Here is an example of how to add email and email_verified=true to the URL. They should persist to the redirect URL in the fragment.

{% assign email = user.email | url_encode %}
{{url | append: email | append: "&" | append: "email_verified=true"}}
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