{{ url }} problem in Verification Email template

Why {{url}} in “Verification Email” template is html like “<a href=“confirm_url”>confirm_url</a>” instead of a string “confirm_url”?

I try <a href="{{url}}">Confirm Email</a> in Verification Email template and this works. However {{url}} is not string its a html link and in email service url from href attribute changed to encrypted url. For mobile applications I need url like this "“https://MY_TENANT.eu.auth0.com/lo/verify_email?ticket=…” instead of “http://links.MY_EMAIL_DOMAIN/wf/click?upn=aivseyPfX29STuLOYC72JcC23cTz3pQcK12C-2BDYhggnsufT6itFOWDP-2BORQrfBlSyayh03bLe5cibmFqfa3DhNzEeRJ0Hpj-2BaHMN07uznNrqcArDLal4jah1H8bWhj5F_Nrk1qA-2BIi0fa-2Fg5NflRpgwnTBR-2BV7OsJ0ZaEuJmS3nzvYVlB1LkiJFoCwhGe1zRgcfkAic5nnjwu7-2FzWhmQdLpV9JXac-2FtsHL5BQlAn1V2-2FY-2FXJ7D1rIxtXPqlbkNJDmKiQzOTPKWOXeorxNRT-2ByiijPmG2MEkH6N6yzy5-2Fo7VcgXUXyJeKBQJTSGEOZmf4766N8nWfufXA7s9wwCvhOGQ-3D-3D”

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