{{ url }} in custom email templates is random


I’m trying to create a template for verification emails but I’m having some trouble with the Liquid variable {{ url }}. Whenever I add it inside an that generates a link towards a weird subdomain of my custom domain (i.e http://url9631..com/ls/click?upn=LJohqq6exXbaTB5FRgGUZelOKK-2BCme-2FKast8lLZMB-2BE-3DaI_H_poAMRQrUwwuW-2FYxR2d6c9r5NhdxZZs5KqWqQsXXWq7ux5-2FWI-2FlxMJuWyR6Gq6xTPF7rE4pZSK2sfxonHXzQrxvxggFNhArG36XPxhWgEjDrwA84hJoidusQgNf58Au4SACkfU9hqVQZ9NGjnVD3lV02iOMy-2B-2FHbHeZExL627lhpyNEhIEjwrneI8RBCStO57UC6sn55nEDB9WfrJTQPdrvsqEp2umQ87273CikGx0rA-3D)

The weird thing is that when I render that variable through {%debug%} or outside an anchor html tag, it shows the correct url (i.e https://.com/u/email-verification?ticket=8eRmxm4bbPGqAmuPfiUx3AevVUTMsCQe#").

Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong?

Thank you for your help!

Hey @agustin - welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Some email providers will mask the links that you put in your email for tracking purposes. I believe this is the case here - your email provider is masking the link so that it can track how many clicks it gets.

Could you double check if this is a setting that you could potentially change within the email provider?


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That’s correct! In my case I had to disable tracking with SendGrid. Now it works as it should :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick help!

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Perfect! We’re here for you!

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