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We’re configuring a page to redirect to after a user clicks the verify link in their verification email. The documentation here: points out that message , email , and success will be part of the url’s parameters. We are using the values of these parameters to take certain actions (like update our database, send verified emails to our email provider used for marketing, etc). We also want to show the user a friendly message about what might have gone wrong and steps they can take to fix it.

While testing, we notice that when we click the verify link from a verification email, the url has parameters not listed in the documentation such as supportForgotPassword , supportSignUp , and code . What we’re really interested in is code . We’d really like a list of all possible codes so that we can base the logic of our application around it. For instance, after playing around we found that one of the potential values for code is already-verified . It would be nice if we could get a list of other codes. Is there a code for when the verification link expired? Is there one for the user not being found? This would greatly help us out. As of right now, we’re basing our logic on the message , and determining which particular actions to take based on comparing the message to a dictionary of messages we have locally. You can see how this is “brittle” at best.

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This is not something that exists publicly at the moment, but it is great feedback. I will pass this info along to our product team on your behalf. I have seen discussions recently about making some of the messaging from the APIs (errors, etc.) more informative and standardized, and I think this would be along those lines.

Let us know if you have any questions,

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Thanks for letting me know! I’ll go by messages for now

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Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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