Using a different Google account to the one on the invite, automatically revokes the invite

Hi there,

In searching for this issue, I found an older thread here that had the exact same issue as us but was marked resolved due to not being an issue in production - we are having this issue in production.

We send an invite to individual users for an organization in auth0. If the user accidentally tries to signup with a Google email address that is not associated with the invite (i.e. their personal instead of their work email), then it appears auth0 automatically revokes the invite - preventing the user from signing up until we issue them another invite.

I would expect in this case, that the invite does not get revoked, which would allow the user to then try to re-signup with the same invite, choosing the correct Google account.

The linked thread mentions they though it was just a dev/testing issue but can 100% confirm that this happens to us in production on a frequent basis.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this?