Errorcase "Failed invite accept" invalidates the invitation and doesn't allow users for a retry

Whenever a user accepts an invitation using a different email address than provided (which happens when people simply click on a social login once they received an invitation without further thinking about it)it invalidates the invitation, leaving the users no room for a retry.

Also the invitation can’t no longer be found via the management API, making it really hard to even implement a manual resend process, cause the only information is: “I couldn’t find your invitation”.

Any idea on how to incorporate a flow that allows the user for either:

  • try again with the same invitation link
  • handle the error in my app’s userland to enable my app’s user to resend an invite?

Hi @hendrik,

Are you referring to Send Email Invitations for Application Signup or Invite Organization Members? I’d like to test it out to see if I can find a workaround. Can you provide any other steps to reproduce or configurations you are using?

Hey Dan,
thanks for the reply. I am talking about the Origanization Invite.

I think from a configuration perspective I simply use the defaults, important is that social-logins are activated. Then it can easily be tested by:

  • Invite a user via management API to an email, make sure you receive that invitation.
  • Click the link, but don’t use the sign-up form, use a social login, e.g. google.
  • If the connected google account’s mail differs from the email the invitation was sent to, the user gets a “Failed invite accept” error and the invitation is removed and no longer usable for a retry.
  • Validate management API to see you get a 404.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the added context on this. Everything you have outlined here makes sense.

Is this something you are seeing happen often?

I can’t tell yet, cause we are not running on production right now. But several testers ran into that issue and this is why I finally reported it here.

I can’t find any other customers who have reported this is an issue, which leads me to believe this is an edge case you aren’t likely to run into outside of a development/testing scenario.

I would be happy to bring this feedback to our team. Would you be able to record a screen cast of the flow that is causing this so I can attach it to the request? You can DM it to me directly.