Inviting new users to join an organization

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I’m using the organization feature and am confused by the organization invitation behaviour.

I’ve enabled a google-oauth2 connection for an organization and originally I chose the option to “Enable Auto-Membership”. However, this option meant anyone on the internet who had access to my website could log in to an organization if they knew its name. That’s not what I wanted to happen. I’d only like users to be able to access an organization that they’ve been invited to join.

So, I selected the option to “Disable Auto-Membership” instead. Now, when I send a new user (who doesn’t exist in the tenant yet) an invitation, they receive an email. However when they click on the link and provide their details it appears to add them to the tenant, but it doesn’t add them to the organization and their invitation remains in a pending state. This means I then have to manually add the users to the organization if I want to give them access.

Is anyone able to help me understand how to invite new users to join an organisation without having to let them join the tenant and then add them to the org manually afterwards? Am I missing something obvious?


Sorry, I forgot to mention that I’m using the React Auth0 SDK if that’s relevant.

Hi, is there a resolution to this issue? I have the same issue.

Hello Auth0 admins, none of you guys aren’t gonna reply to this?

The invitee must accept the invitation by authenticating with the Google connection. Only then will the invitation be completed successfully and the invitee will become a member of that particular organization.

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This leads me to believe that your app is not sending the invitation provided to Auth0 when kicking off the invitation acceptance flow. See: Invite Organization Members – the invite email will have a link in it that points to a URL in your application. Doublecheck that this route in your application is forwarding the invitation querystring parameter provided in the URL to the /authorize endpoint.

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