Accepting organization invitation via social login

Is there a way for users to accept invitations to join an organization via social login? What we have seen now is that signing up/in with a password is the only option when accepting invitations.

We want to implement the following flow:

  1. User A is a member of Org O.
  2. User A invite User B by email (e.g. User B is a new user (i.e. neither a password user nor a known social user at auth0)
  3. User B receive email and follow the link to accept the invitation.
  4. User B is able to sign in and become a member of Org O via google sign in from

Hi @billyf

You should be able to implement your flow without issue. I gave it a test run through and it seemed all good.

It may just be that you need to ensure the Google social connection is mapped in the organization such that you can select it as a connection when sending the invite:

Please let me know if you still have issues with this.

Warm regards.

Thank you @SaqibHussain ! Setting up the correct connection when creating the invitation works perfectly!

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