Invite-only sign in social with single tenant architecture


I want to be able to build invite-only login for our application. We aren’t going to be able to use organizations because we want a single tenant per customer. We also only want to have social login for login, not password authentication (this creates complexity for us, as we’d need to add verification and MFA).

The typical guide passed around here is this one: Send Email Invitations for Application Signup - but you’d have to enable password login to make this work.

Currently we have a login action that redirects you if you are not an allowlisted user. This isn’t feasible long-term, so we’d love to have a better way to do this. The only way I’m seeing how to do this is by potentially could have our own DB table and querying it in an action.

Here is what I’ve found so far on this topic, but most of these are closed out and not answered.

Would appreciate the help.

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