Invite-only signup without password & include social connections

Hi all,

We’re trying out Auth0 but our applications are invite-only.
A user needs to be invited from someone inside the application and will receive a link with some invitation details. This is all handled by our application.

Now, we’ve disabled signup for our database connection and are trying to create a user via the Management API and then create a password reset link. However, we get the error that a password is required for the connection. Which seems obvious, because in most cases, you’d want a password when creating a user via the database connection. But we want the user to create this password, not us nor the user inviting the other user.

So in short, this is our flow:

  • Invite user via UI
  • Our API creates a user via the Auth0 Management API without password (we get stuck here already)
  • Our API creates a password-reset ticket via the Auth0 Management API
  • Our API sends a mail to the invited user with some information about creating an account and the invite
  • User creates password
  • User is logged in!

Next to that, we’d also like our users to have the choice of using a social connection, like Google. If you don’t want to create a password, you can use the social connections provided. But there seems like there’s no support for that either.

It’s no problem to create something custom for us, as long as we can use the benefits of the UI of Auth0. If we can’t use that, all benefits of using Auth0 are minimal. So I hope someone can help us out!

Thanks in advance!