Invitation to organization does not always work?

Hi guys,

we have an app that is using auth0 organizations. It works as an invite-only. The issue that I will describe happens if we will create & send invitations via our API but also if we will do it on the auth0 management page directly.

So after the user received the activation link and use it, he is redirected to a page that is asking for his password - like there is already account with such email - but we checked that multiple times - account wich such email does not exist in our tenant - this is a brand new email address.

What is also strange - sometimes it just works - as it should, so the user is asked to provide his password - there is also information if his password is strong enough, etc.

Because of that user cannot finish this process. So the question is - what I’m missing or doing wrong?

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Could you provide details about where did you create/send invitations to the new users on the Auth0 Management page?




I’ve found what is the error reason. Organization invitation does not work if ‘Sign up’ is disabled, so we will change the flow. We will create user account and then create a password change ticket :slight_smile:


Thank you for the updates :slight_smile:

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