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User created via API v2 cannot log in via Lock


Hi. I’ve created user using Management API v2 (api/v2/users). New user is showing on my dashboard. Then I was trying to log in to my application, which is using Lock. App is running on localhost. I’m getting this warning in consol drawer: “Consent Required. Consent can’t be skipped on localhost. Read more here:”.
Problem is, i don’t know how to display Consent window while user is loging for the first time, or disable consent for users created via API.
If i create new user via SingUp on Lock window, everything works fine, because I’m getting Consent window, and I can accept it.

Can you help me with that?


Can you share how you are initializing Lock and the function and parameters used for the login?

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Thanks for your question. I just noticed that options.auth.redirect has to be set to true. I had this option set to false, after changing it, it’s working fine.


We’re glad to hear you got everything working! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions in the future and have a happy holidays!

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