Use SendGrid to send custom password reset email and disable sending Auth0 version


We have a custom email template in SendGrid that we’d like to send to users when they request a password reset. I understand we can use the Management API to generate a password reset ticket url, and I’d like to use that url to inject into our template in SendGrid.

However, I can’t seem to find a way to disable Auth0’s default password reset email template from being sent. We’d like to disable that from being sent and, when a user requests a password reset, generate a url from the Management API and send that url with our custom email provider.

Another factor to figure out is how our application can know when a reset request has been initiated. I see there are hooks that can be triggered AFTER a successful reset, is there a hook for when a user makes the initial request? I suppose we could try scanning the logs for such an event, although it would be nice if there was an easier way.

Can you tell me a) how to disable sending of the Auth0 password reset email and b) how our application can know that a password reset request has been initiated?


The way we ended up solving this was by porting over the SendGrid template code directly into the Auth0 email template for password reset. We had to make some small adjustments to variable names and bracket syntax, but this solution is much simpler and avoids an additional API call to get a password reset url.

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