[URGENT] Please support Sendgrid's bypass_list_management

Hey team,

Sendgrid is our email provider for marketing, newsletter and password reset. Some of our users unsubscribe all emails and then are put into a global suppression list. Recently, we noticed that these users cannot receive the password reset email. It’s a serious bug for our product now.

It turns out that Sendgrid supports a bypass_list_management param when sending emails, which is to bypass the global suppression list. This seems to be the solution for solving the issue.

However, with the current Auth0 settings of Sendgrid, there is no way to specify the bypass_list_management. Could anyone from Auth0 follow up please?

Thank you!

Hi @di1 ,

As you said, the feature of specifying bypass_list_management is not available on Auth0. Since you are interested in having this feature, please communicate your use case with our Product team via feedback and click on “Vote”. They monitor those items closely and might increase the priority if it has enough engagement. Thanks!

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