Can I pass SendGrid bypassListManagement parameter when I'm sending an email via auth0 method?

We send our emails via SendGrid provider. When we want to reset user’s password, we use auth0’s requestChangePasswordEmal method. There’s one catch: in the footer of our SendGrid template, we have "unsubscribe from all emails’ link. And sometimes, users that have previously unsubscribed from emails, need to get the access to their account via resetting their password. And since emails go through SendGrid, user’s won’t get the email.

The way we send some other emails for these kind of user’s is with mailSettings/bypassListManagement filter, which we pass to the SendGrid.send(data). And since we reset the password via auth0’s method, we can’t pass the filter there.

So, the question is, can we still pass some filter or condition somewhere so that the email’s would come through? I guess not, and if so, can we somehow send this email skipping the SendGrid provider?