Auth0 password reset email is marked as spam in gmail


I have an app that uses auth0 login, and the problem is that my users are not finding their password reset emails, since they are marked as spam by gmail. Is there anything Auth0 could do so that they would not be marked as spam by gmail?

EDIT: This has only happened with 1 user so far that I can be 100% sure. Could it be that they have marked sendgrid (or the source where auth0 sends emails) as spam before in their history, so that could affect the auth0 emails now also going to the spam?

Ville Miekk-oja

Hi @villemiekkoja ,

If your tenant has a Custom Email provider, such as Sendgrid, configured, Auth0 will send the email to the email provider, which will then send the email to the recipients.

I have limited knowledge about Sendgrid. According to this FAQ, if your tenant has the Custom Email Provider configured, please reach out to their support team.

Here is another article I found from Google related to spam email. Hopefully, it could be helpful to you!


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