Upcoming Pricing Changes for the Customer Identity Cloud

Introducing new pricing plans to support greater flexibility for our customer’s business needs.
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Will the free plan be still available after October 25th?

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Do I understand correctly that my “team” that works on many products will actually need many different “Auth0 Team” accounts now?

If so, calling the new account a “Team” is confusing – since an account can only have 1 production environment, the account is more like a “Product” than a “Team”.

I’m also wondering if there will be a free tier with the new pricing structure? Many products that use Auth0 are early experiments. The increase in price (from $0 to $32) is substantial for operating simple prototypes or alpha versions of products.

May I know how the new pricing affects price scaling for B2C - Essentials for 2.5k/5k/7.5k/10k users?

Great question! Yes, the free plan will still be available after the new plans launch, we’ll add this into the blog for clarity.

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Hi, thank you for your question. Auth0 Teams is designed to help you keep track of your dev/staging work together with your production environment under a single subscription. Most Auth0 customers are covered by 1 or 2 production environments. For those customers that have the need for multiple production environments because they operate as a development agency, we can work with you on that. Please let us know and we can help.

Yes, the free tier will continue to be available

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New B2C prices will scale linearly based on $0.07 per user per month. So this means $70 for 1K MAU, $175 for 2.5K and so forth.

In conjunction with this change we have also included tiers over 10K MAU that continue to scale at the same rate, allowing you to stay on B2C Essentials longer and with more predictability, and without requiring an immediate jump to our Enterprise plan.

To clarify it’s $175 for 2.5K users rather than $175K

What happens, if we exceed the 500 users threshold? Let’s say we have 510 users in a month, will we have to pay 35.70$ or will we be moved to the next tier and pay 70$ for 1K MAU?

Good question! If you exceed your limit, you will be moved to the next plan that fits your usage if it’s a sustained overage. We will let you know if you are over before making changes to your plan. So it doesn’t happen the day after exceeding your limit.

Do you know when you’ll have the pricing page up, even if it’s on a different url, for the new plans?

Current target is mid-to-late October. All major changes however are covered in the blog with some more details in this thread.