Pricing for smaller MFA solutions better suited for small teams/apps

As much as I love Auth0, I gotta say I’m having a hard time believe basic 2FA/MFA has such a high price, even if an app only needs a small-scale solution, like 2FA SMS messages.

I’m building an app with a small team, which requires some pretty basic but secure login. 2FA is a requirement for us. We chose Auth0 as an authentication service and we really love it so far. Only problem is pricing for 2FA.

I understand that the pro package supports a ton of MFA solutions, but it’s sad that the basic package (B2C - Essential) doesn’t support smaller 2FA solutions. Something as simple as 2FA via email or SMS would really be appreciated, as it’s necessary in many small apps that cannot pay the pro package price: Pricing - Auth0

I’d gladly pay 35$ a month instead of 23$ for basic 2FA. But 250$ a month is overkill when all you need is super simple stuff. Other services, such as Clerk, provide 2FA starting from 23$ a month: Pricing | Clerk

Maybe I’m missing something? It’s kind of hard to believe we have to pay such a price for 2FA.

In all cases, Auth0 rules and I’d recommend it either way. It’s just something I’d like to be included in a smaller package.


Hey there!

Really appreciate all the feedback and context! I’m gonna make sure to relay that to one of our teams responsible for establishing pricing strategies. Thank you!