MFA SMS options and plans

We are looking to implement Auth0 for SSO. The two key requirements are SAML + SMS OTP for MFA.

The Developer pro plan covers SAML, and the pricing is competitive.

However talking to sales, to enable SMS OTP we need to pay $18,000 per year!! This is a bit excessive considering okta, onelogin, etc include SMS MFA in their base product. Auth0 aren’t even incurring the SMS distribution costs, as this is done via a Twilio account

Is there any way to enable SMS MFA on a developer pro account?

We’d really like to use Auth0 due to the flexibility in the login page/lock, but there’s no way we can justify that cost.

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Thank you very much for explaining your use case. At present, SMS OTP for MFA will require our Enterprise plan. I can understand that the pricing model may not seem to fit what you were hoping for but there are many added benefits for most customers that require the type of technical features you are looking for and the value overall exceeds the cost. Unfortunately, we don’t support customization to our self-service plans (such as the Developer Pro plan) to incorporate individual features offered in our Enterprise plans. I will, however, provide the feedback you’ve given us to our sales and pricing teams for consideration.

Hi Yvonne,

Would it be a similar case with Google Authenticator via Guardian? SMS 2FA has its own set of security issues, so in my case, Google Authenticator might be the preferred option.