Developer pro - SMS MFA

Is SMS MFA included in the developer pro tier?
I’m a bit confused with the pricing descriptions in the pricing page.

Hey there @tony2!

Yep that is correct. It is included in Developer Pro tier but it is also dependant on the usage of

You can read more about the details here:

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Hi Konrad,

Thanks for the response.
I’ve subscribed to the developer pro plan, but when I try to turn on SMS, it tells me it’s only part of the enterprise plan?


It’s probably some kind of misunderstanding. Let me get it straight with our sales team!

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Hey there!

Sorry for delay in response. It’s been quite hectic time. I managed to look through our pricing and it seems that it’s indeed only a part of Enterprise plan.

Only eneterprise MFA supports one time codes delivered via email or sms.


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