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I have a Twilio account and a free Auth0 account set up and I am testing out 2FA using SMS. I wanted to know why I am getting this message: “You have exceeded the maximum number of phone messages per hour. Wait a few minutes and try again.” if I am using my own personal Twilio account. I thought the limit of 100 SMS a day and 10 an hour is for Auth0 hosted SMS messages and not Twilio.



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The Auth0 free plan does not include MFA support. Here is the pricing page if you want to compare plans.

There is no information there regarding MFA or support regarding MFA for that manner. All it says is that you get MFA Pro with Developer Pro. If I purchase the Developer plan, what do I get regarding MFA? Is there a limit on SMS messages? This is information that is not readily available on your pricing page…

If you hover over the feature it describes it.

This chart has descriptions of MFA features and shows which plans include which features. As you can see, free and dev plans do not include any MFA (pro or enterprise). Dev Pro includes Pro MFA, which is DUO, and other OTP apps like Google Authenticator. Enterprise MFA includes SMS and email, in addition to push notifications and the Auth0 Guardian app.

If you have any more in-depth pricing questions, I encourage you to connect with our sales team. We typically deal with more technical support questions. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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