Increase "maximum number of phone messages per hour"

While testing our application in the staging phase, we required to log in multiple times.

with SMS MFA installed (we are using AWS SNS to send the MFA messages), we sometimes getting the following error:
“You have exceeded the maximum number of phone messaged per hour. wait a few minutes and try again”.

How can we lift/increate this limit?

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I checked your tenant and saw the SMS provider is Auth0. Could you please go to Security → Multi-factor Auth → Phone Message, and confirm if you can see this warning?

“Your plan includes 100 SMS codes. Configure your SMS delivery provider to remove this limit.”

The Auth0 provider is for testing purposes. There is a maximum of 100 messages per tenant during the entire tenant’s lifetime. New codes are not received after reaching the 100 message limit.

To remove this limitation, please choose Twilio or Custom. This doc explains the details.

Hope this helps!

Hi @lihua.zhang,

Thank you for your answer.
I checked the MFA setting but I see we use “Custom” as the delivery provider…

We have multiple tenants in our account… some of the indeed use Auth0 as the provider… but this error is happening in the provider with the Custom provider…

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Thank you for the updates. Could you please DM me your tenant name? Thanks!

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Thank you for providing the additional context in the DM.

Your tenant has the b2c essential plan. But only the “Enterprise MFA” supports the Phone message MFA.

According to our pricing page, your plan does not support the “Enterprise MFA”. Therefore the limitation of the SMS message still applies.

To lift this limitation, I suggest you upgrade to the Enterprise plan or connect with our sales team for any pricing questions.

Please feel free to let me know if any other queries.