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Getting Too many requests error using MFA SMS

We are testing our MFA implementation and recently our developers saw the error “THERE ARE TOO MANY SMSS RIGHT NOW. WAIT SOME MINUTES AND TRY AGAIN.” when testing SMS MFA. I have my Twillio account configured and I can see the sms messages in my Twillio account log. According to this post, the default limits should be lifted when Twillio is configured but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Does anyone have any thoughts on what else could cause this?


Hey there @frank.schafer!

I’ll try to research internally what might be potential reason to it. Let me get back to you once I find something!

Thanks @konrad.sopala. Let me know if there is any additional information I can pass along that will help.

Sure! Will let you know!

Sorry that it took so much time but finally got the answer :slight_smile:

The error message you see is probably the per-user SMS rate limit described here:

When you configure Twilio, it removes the per-tenant SMS limit, but the per-user limit cannot be lifted. It’s there for brute-force protection purposes.

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