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Quick question, we have a Professional licence and from what I know the licence does not come with SMS Messaging MFA.

Although under Multifactor Auth in the portal, it allows me to configure SMS settings including adding our 3rd party provider. It says ‘Enterprise-MFA’ when looking at the settings but my hope is that is just referring to certain features.

Basically I just want to confirm that there are no SMS features enabled for Professional licence? Or is there something we can use?

Hi @bwalsh , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Your Professional Subsciption will allow the use of “Pro-MFA” Factors. These are either the OTP with an Authenticator App, or Cisco DUO Security.

The factors that have the text “Enterprise MFA” will need an Enterprise Subscription, configurations can be made but you’ll likely see a warning that the feature requires an Enterprise Plan.
So to confirm, SMS Notifications as a factor would require an Enterprise Subscription. Please take a look at the Auth0 Pricing here for more information and comparisons between the plans,

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