Auth0 too expensive for B2B scenario?

Hello Auth0 team,

We have a B2B scenario. Our customer’s employees might log in a few times a year to our platform.
Our customers usually use Okta, Azure AD, and Google Workspace as their IdP.

I learned that for each customer, I need to create an Enterprise Connection. It means that I need to go straight to the Enterprise pricing.
The Auth0 pricing for Enterprise connection is very expensive and is not quite related to the number of users but to the number of Enterprise connections:

  • Up to 10 Enterprise connections: $30,000 / year
  • Up to 50 Enterprise connections: $80,000 / year

I have customers from small (50 employees) to medium (1 000 employees). We bill our customers based on the number of employees. Auth0 seems to bill based on the number of Enterprise connections (customers for us) regardless of the size of the business we have with them.

It is very problematic as Enterprise connections are too expensive for our small customers.

I feel that this pricing is not correct for B2B scenario. Pricing more aligned with our business should be something like:

  • Developer Pro: 5,000 active users, 3 enterprise connections - $1,070 / mo
  • Enterprise (or the name your want): 5,000 active users, unlimited enterprise connections - $2,140 / mo

While I strongly value what Auth0 brings to us, it is a pity that the pricing is not well-conceived. I appreciate when SaaS applications are billed on usage and not on some technical stuff that we will try to overcome by using bad design (for example, using Google Social Auth instead of Google Workspace Enterprise connections, etc.)


Hi @poiuytrez ,

Welcome to the Community!

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate you taking the time to express your opinions with us.

Our forum typically deals with technical/engineering support and feedback, and it sounds like you would be better served by our sales team.

If you would like to speak with a member of our sales team to discuss your scenario, you can submit a request through our contact-us page.

Feel free to link them to this topic for reference. Thank you!

Hi @dan.woda,
Thank you for your reply. I had the sales team over the phone a few days ago and it was more like there was no flexibility at all for my use case. However, I will try again.

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I see, they would have the best information for you regarding that. Like I said, we typically focus more on technical details. Good luck with your applications!

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