Is it not possible to configure Auth0 with more than 3 clients (B2B) for IDPs

We have an enterprise application running on Cloud which we are planning make available as a multi tenant application and sell it to multiple clients.
We are evaluating the possibilities of using Auth0 as the authentication service to handle all kind of authentication.
Our requirement is to allow clients to come and configure their SAML IDPs in our platform, so that from behind the scene, we would call Auth0 endpoints and configure Enterprise SAML connector from Auth0 side. In this case, users will be logged in with their IDP through Auth0.

However, when going through the pricing documentation (Pricing - Auth0), it mention only 3 enterprise connections are allowed in: ‘B2B - ESSENTIALS’ and ‘B2B - PROFESSIONAL’ accounts. Which means if we proceed with any of the above account type, we could only configure 3 client companies with Auth0 under our Auth0 account.
Is my understanding correct on this?
If above assumption is true then, if we need to register more clients, then we need to proceed with Enterprise account type through Support channel. Is it?

Hi there @buddhi_desilva welcome to the community!

I believe your understanding in this matter is correct - If you need greater than 3 enterprise connections you’ll need to upgrade to enterprise.

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I have tried creating four SAML connections in our paid account.
It was possible but in the documentation (Pricing - Auth0) it was mentioned as 3 Enterprise connections.
In this case I want to make sure what they referred in the documentation is the Enterprise connection types such as SAML, LDAP etc. not the actual connections.