Auth0 as IDP and multiple SP's

Hello All,
I have configured my auth0 environment with two tenant’s, one acting as IDP and the other acting as SP and everything is working as expected . But now I have a new scenario in which I need to create one more tenant which will also act as SP .So I will have one IDP and two SP’s. Can anyone help me with configuring auth0 IDP with multiple SP’s. I’m using SAML2 web app addon for creating SAML token.

Thank you

Hey there @pradhapreee, I apologize for the delay in getting you a response.

I wanted to let you know I am looking into this and will reach back out after I find something. In the meantime can you direct message me your tenant name while I investigate? Thanks in advance!

Hey @pradhapreee, I wanted to follow up on this after talking with a senior engineer about this. Based on these details we gather, If you pair with the SAML add-ons from the IDP side of things you shouldn’t need more than two apps. This will enable the apps to communicate effectively across the board but we’d like to get more of a use case understanding of why go with the 3rd tenant? Any information you can share on this subject would be appreciated. Thank you!

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