Connecting Auth0 to multiple IdPs through one login screen


I’m trying to solve the problem where we want to migrate users from one system to another, but not all in one batch. Then we have some users in Auth0, and some of them are in two different IdPs (IdP1, IdP2).

And I’m looking for a solution where I could use Auth0 as one central point where the user could enter credentials and authenticate against other IdPs (including Auth0 if a user is there)… some kind SAML round discovery.

Is it possible to configure Auth0 to try SAML assertion with multiple IdPs maybe?
Or if it’s possible to tel Auth0 exactly on which IdP user is (because that we know)

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Hi @d-sauer,

I apologize for the delay in response, but would like to follow up on this question.

Does home realm discovery help at all with the problem you would like to solve?

Or maybe linking accounts could provide some function like you are discussing.

Hope this helps,

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