Multiple sso logins

My web application has users coming from different companies. Each company could have its own SSO solution. Users of these companies would like to login into our web application seamlessly using their own accounts.

Is this possible with Auth0?

Are these companies supposed to install any software or do any change to their infrastructure if we want to leverage Auth0?

Hi @nishant.raj0611 , welcome to the Auth0 Community.

It sounds like you would want to look at what we call Enterprise Connections. You can configure multiple connections with the various out-of-the-box IdPs.
With the Auth0 New Universal Login you can either use buttons for these Enterprise Connections or you could use an Identifier first flow with Home Realm Discovery to direct the users to the right Idp during login.
I recommend having a read through some of the relevant configuration guidance, the company would provide you with documentation to set up the IdP in the Auth0 Tenant.

Hope this helps!