Auth0 B2B2C use case

We have a B2B2C distribution model having these 3 kinds of users:

  1. Our internal employees who can access the internal apps (web, mobile, API, SPA).
  2. Our internal customers and customers of partners/other businesses
  3. Our Partners/other businesses who has their own employees and their customers who will access the same apps which we can.

We don’t have any need for any enterprise connection for now like Azure AD, LDAP etc, however we need SSO for internal web apps which will be used by us and our partners. Also, the same API project will be used by all client apps built for partners, customers and internal employees. Currently we are using custom authentication using SQL Server database and ASP.NET for our internal apps built for us and partners and we want to replace that with Auth0.

Considering all the details above we had a conversation with a sales person and he suggested that we use our SQL Server database and set up a connection with Auth0 for internal employees without going to Okta integration for B2E use case which is going to very expansive for us. Can someone who has done something similar confirm whether it is possible that using B2C and B2B plans we can fulfil our needs or not. Also, I don’t understand that even if we are very small B2C company having 5 employees and 1000 customer, we always need an app for admin part where these 5 employees can login and see all customers and do back-office work, so for these 5 employees do we need to go for B2E plan and an integration with Okta or I misunderstood something. Please suggest.