Auth0 Tenant members to login via Okta

I have been trying to discuss this with someone from Sales, but I was told this was too technical of a topic, so I would need to ask in the community forum.

We are setting up a B2C architecture, and I had asked him about being able to authenticate Employees that need access to the dashboard and Auth0 Tenant via Okta without having to go to the extreme of an enterprise account. I had been going through the documentation and guides and between that and the pricing page it looked like this was bizarrely unsupported.

He informed me that I could, in fact, do this in a B2C configuration using an enterprise connection as laid out here.

I had already looked at that however, and it doesn’t really explain how that would work, and an account setup for B2C that I created doesn’t seem to have any way to set up such a configuration. I dug around here in the community and I found this post, which while almost a year old does indicate that it is not in fact possible outside of an enterprise account.

It was at this point that I was told I couldn’t get help determining if such a feature is supported under B2C pricing through sales, as the question was too technical in nature, and pointed to this community. So, I turn to you, maybe in particular to you @sgo who answered that other post if you’re available.

Do you support customized dashboard SSO yet?

Hi @mbainter! Welcome to the community.

Unfortunately I can confirm that we only support logging into the Tenant dashboard from a custom IdP for Enterprise customers only still.

However, you may find the Delegated Admin Extension useful if you don’t need full tenant admin access for the users authenticating via an enterprise connection such as Okta. This extension allows you to grant limited access to your tenant, normally for more support orientated roles in the business.

The example in the setup specifies using a Database connection but technically any connection type could be used to authenticate into the Delegated Admin extension.

This extension has been somewhat superseded by our (relatively new) tenant member roles feature, but these use the same login methods as full tenant admins would, so it wouldn’t be useful for your use case without an Enterprise subscription I’m afraid, and is also tied to subscription plans so some roles such as the Editor role are not available on the Free and Essentials plans:

While it is on brand for what seems like has been our experience as an Okta client, this all seems remarkably short-sighted. Okta’s entire business model is built around the importance of providing secure, seamless access for users and employees that can be reliably ensured to only permit access to authorized personnel, and to do so in a secure fashion.

One of Okta’s primary obstacles for expanding more deeply down-market from large enterprises all the way into startups is the frustrating SSO tax that so many SaaS providers place on getting access to that type of SSO integration. With the acquisition of Auth0, Okta has a tremendous opportunity to set an example and drive adoption of their platform by providing integration with Okta for user management to any level of subscription.

Instead - no matter what your use case is, if you want to manage users in Auth0 with Okta, you have to do the enterprise sales dance. Surely I cannot be the only one who sees how absurd this is?

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