How can Tenant Members log in using Okta?

My company is using Okta as an internal SSO solution for employees. We also use Auth0 connect our customers to our SAAS applications.

Certain employees are invited as Auth0 Tenant Members so they can manage our tenants. We want those employees to use their Okta credentials when logging in to the Auth0 Dashboard. But that does not seem to be an option? The login page for the Auth0 Dashboard only seems to allow for username/password and a few select SSO providers (Google, LinkedIn, etc).

How can we integrate the Auth0 Dashboard with Okta?

Hi @cmcgowan , welcome to the community!

This is possible for Enterprise subscriptions, you can raise a support ticket to get the ball rolling on that. We can support ADFS, Azure AD, SAML or OIDC identity providers.

If you are on a non-Enterprise plan I’m afraid we don’t support customised Dashboard SSO at this time.