Okta Workforce IdP in Auth0 for SPA

Hi, I am currently using Auth0 for user authentication in my React application. I am looking to integrate Okta Workforce within Auth0 as an Enterprise connection. However, in the connection page it is asking for a client secret but in my Okta Admin Dashboard I only see the client ID. From what I can find, SPA apps for Okta do not have a client secret. Is the alternative to integrate Okta as a SAML IdP for Auth0?

How exactly would the sign in experience work with Okta SAML IdP? Currently I am using Auth0’s Classic Universal login with a custom domain. Would users see Okta as a login option (similar to Social Sign Ons)?

Appreciate the help!

Hey there @ricky2 , welcome to the Auth0 by Okta Community!

Thanks for your interest in integrating Okta as one of the available connections on your Auth0’s Classic Universal login widget.

There are two options on how to set it up on the Auth0 side:

  1. Home Realm Discovery: this doesn’t cover any additional button on the Auth0’s Login widget. Once a user provides their email address, they will be automatically redirected to the SAML IdP( if there is a domain match). If there is no match, Auth0 will prompt them to provide a password (for a regular Auth0 database connection).

  2. Adding a button for the SAML IdP on the Auth0’s Login widget to be chosen by users.

Please let me know if there are any other questions on that!

Feel free to test the solution with free Okta and Auth0 accounts by assigning a test user to the Okta integration.
Here is a Knowledge Solution to that: SAML setup OKTA as Idp and Auth0 as SP.
Error messages that appear during the connection test should give additional direction on troubleshooting.

Appreciate the response and explanation!

After scouring the docs, I’ve come to the conclusion that my only option was to use SAML connection to connect to Okta and that the Okta Workforce Connector only works for Web Applications and not SPAs.


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