Provide identity management feature for our B2B customers


We want to launch 2 features related to identity management. Please advise.

  1. Allow our B2B customer team to use our service as an identity provider to log in to other services. Does Auth0 already support this feature? Is this article that we should follow?Configure Auth0 as SAML Identity Provider

  2. Provide integration with an identity provider like Okta so our customers can log in via Okta to our service as well as other services. Can this also be achieved by Auth0?


Hi @swifteam,

  1. Yes, you can follow the guidance there to configure Auth0 as SAML IdP.

  2. Yes, we call these Enterprise Connections, as you can see in our docs, we support a connection with Okta out the box. You may need to look at one of our B2B SS or Enterprise plans to enable the use of Enterprise Connections, Pricing - Auth0

Thanks and Kind Regards,

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