Unstable login returning 400 or 500

Hey everyone. I’m using Auth0 in my React application, but the login looks unstable. Sometimes I receive 500 or 400 as a response, it supposedly happens when I’m a long time without long in or after a new release. Do you guys have any idea what could be?

Hey there @daniel5!

I’ll need to check whether is not a problem on our end with the API but can you record a HAR file in the meantime capturing the login a few times so we can check the logs how it behaves?

Here’s the doc on how to record a HAR file:

Once you have it please send it to me via DM

Hey there have you had a chance to snag a HAR file for me?

Hey there have you had a chance to see my last message?


Friendly ping :slight_smile: Have you seen my last message?

Hey @konrad.sopala. Only now I could record the error again and save as HAR. I’ll send you it.

No worries. Thank you @daniel5!