"Oops!, something went wrong" - eventually works


When a user first logs in it works great. Upon refresh it takes forever to load and we first get a response back that “Oops!, something went wrong” and there may be a config issue. A minute later the user gets logged in.

It’s working fine for us in other Auth0 environments and for this same env but running locally. Anyone else encountered an issue like this?
I have the HAR file for the issue we’re encountering.

Hey there @elie!

Can you DM me the HAR file so I can inspect it? Can you also tell us more about the stack of ours you use and any other details that can help us debug it? Thanks!

React + Nest.js (Node.js) + Passport.

Will send now. Thanks

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Thank you! Will let you know once we investigate that!

When will that be?
Would prefer to get a flat out no, then a polite “we’ll look into it” that you never intend on following up on

Terribly sorry for the inconvenience!

I believe there is no a single Auth0 employee that say they will help and have no intention of helping. Totally sorry but we’ve simply ran out of bandwidth when it comes to the number of incoming questions and people on the team. Diving into it again and will let you know shortly about any updates!

I just analyzed the HAR file. Will reach out to you via DM. Once more sorry for the inconvenience!

Sorry, totally understand being swamped with work!

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No worries, we’ll make it work the way it should, soon!

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