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Sporadic "Oops, something went wrong"


Hello, first time posting here. Any help with the following issue would be greatly appreciated.

We are developing a web app that is integrated with the service Criipto Verify through Auth0 to provide authentication with the Danish identification system (NemID). We are using Lock and Auth0.js for this (both libraries present the problem).

The issue is: sometimes when we try to log in, we get to the “Oops something went wrong” page. When we close the window and try again, it works just fine. Sometimes it works the first time. This sporadic nature of the issue suggests there’s no configuration or code problem from our end.

Thank you in advance,

PS: screenshot in case it helps


Can you share any browser console logs?


The only log in the browser console is an error related to the favicon (see screenshot)

Another detail that might help: we are using Heroku to deploy and test, which is probably changing the server’s IP address constantly. No communication happens between the server and Auth0 but could that be responsible?



:wave: @santiago.vidal looks like it could be due to a misconfiguration or incorrect request. Was your system working previously and this just started occurring? Or is this a new application you are creating and are experiencing this issue intermittently? Could you please share with us the code you’re using for authentication? Does this happen with social connections? Or also with Username/Password connections? (sorry for all the questions)


Hi Kim. Thanks for the help! I’ll answer the questions in order:

This is a new application we are creating and we are experiencing the issue from the start.

This is a simplified version of the JS code we are using:

A clarification: we are using Auth0 just to get some profile information, not for authentication in our app, that’s why we are logging the user out after fetching the profile.

We aren’t using any social connections or username/password connections.