Universal Login And SSO

I used Universal login for SSO with React workshop sdk but how that sdk store the id token in cookies that i don’t understand and how SSO is worked with that.

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I understand that you are asking for clarification on how SSO works when using the Universal Login.

Behind the scenes during SSO login, Auth0 will set an SSO Cookie and redirect the user to your application with an ID Token.

The SSO Cookie is used to check the user’s user session to determine if it’s valid.

Hence, during subsequent logins, the application will check if an SSO cookie exists previously in the browser session. If so, the user continues onto the application without being prompted for their credentials. If the session is invalid, the user will be prompted to submit their credentials again to log in.

Please see here to learn more about how SSO works.

Lastly, you may also find the How do I configure (SSO) Single Sign-On with Auth0? FAQ useful.

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Thanks for the response
Is there any way to done SSO without using SDKs ?

Hi @daxeshshukla6,

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Unfortunately, it is not possible. When using the Universal Login, you will need to use our SDKs listed here.

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