Ways to create Auth0 SSO Session

Besides redirecting the user to the Auth0 /authorize endpoint, or using the Lock.js library (so using an iframe), is there a way to create an Auth0 SSO session?

My company would like more control over the UI of the login form.

I thought about using the Auth0.js library to build the login form, but it looks like I would not be able to establish an Auth0 Session with this approach without redirecting the user to /authorize, either.

Hi @criley1

The Auth0 SSO session is a cookie hosted in the Auth0 tenant domain name (either the Auth0 domain name, such as mytenant.us.auth0.com, or the CNAME such as login.mycompany.com). The only way to create this is via a redirect flow (using the /authorize endpoint).

You do have a lot of control over the UI of the login form. We have both classic (lock.js) and new universal login pages, both are highly customizable, though in different ways.

You can start here:

I’d suggest using the new ULP, and customizing it as described here:


That makes sense!

Thank you, John.