Auth0 with custom login

I need to use the SSO of Auth0 but with a custom login, for that I am using Auth0.js. I have already configured my custom domain and I am calling the webAuth.login() method.
But after the redirect i still get the Auth0 Universal Login page.

I check the logs and it appears “Success Cross Origin Authentication”, so I don’t know if i need to do something else to skip the universal login page.

I have this:

var params= {
          clientID: "miclientid",
          redirectUri:  "REDIRECT_URL",
          audience: "",
          responseType: "token id_token code",
          scope: "openid profile app_metadata offline_access email"

var webAuth = new auth0.WebAuth(params);

 var login_options ={
            realm: "db_connection",
            username: username,
            password: password,
            nonce: createNonce(16),
            state: JSON.stringify({ redirectUrl:   REDIRECT_URL })
 webAuth.login(login_options, function(err, data) {
      if (err) alert(err);
function handleAuthentication(data) {
            webAuth.parseHash(function(err, authResult) {
              if (data && data.accessToken && data.idToken) {

                let expiresAt = JSON.stringify(data.expiresIn * 1000 + new Date().getTime())

                localStorage.setItem('access_token', data.accessToken);
                localStorage.setItem('id_token', data.idToken);
                localStorage.setItem("expires_at", expiresAt);
                console.log('parseHash complete')
              } else if (err) {
                alert('Authentication failed');

and later when it goes to REDIRECT_URL it shows the universal login page

Hello Hector,
Have tried using the Lock Library of Auth0. The lock library skips the Universal Login Page

Thanks for your answer, but we still have to use the universal login page, except in the case I’m working on, and the client want its own form to log in, not he one that one lock library build for us. So we can’t use lock ion this case.