Custom SSO page or do I need a Auth0 Custom Domains? Need help with approach

Hi Auth0 community.

I need help to figure out the Log-in/Sign-up strategy for my application.

I use the Learnworlds platform, which allows the integration with Auth0. There are two built in ways of doing it, using Custom SSO or SAML. Currently I use SAML and New Universal Login experience. But this approach has the following limitations:

  1. When user have to SignUp and click SignUp button, system redirects user to Auth0 Login page instead of SignUp page. This creates a confustion for the user and Leanrworlds can’t fix it on their side
  2. When user create the account, is redirected back to the website without a need to confirm the email. So User can use a service without email confirmation which is annoying.
  3. I would like to collect more information such as First and Last name during the Sign Up, but only Username as extra field is available in New Universal Login expreience.

I am looking for solution how to improve the user experience.
The Learnworlds platform supports Custom SSO page. So the idea the I create own Web page which is responsible for Login, Sign-Up and Password reset. This web page communicate with Auth0 API to perform those operations. Since it’s a custom web page, I can add any fields and of data I want to collect and control the redirect to not happen if User not confirm email. Also in this flow, Learnworlds will open page with either action=login or action=signup parameter in URL which I can use as a flag, which page open for the user.
So this sounds like a plan but a steep curve to achieve, as I have no idea how to develop this custom web page. Maybe someone has a open source example app which I can customize instead of starting from scratch?

And the second question, will Custom Domains can solve the 3 problems mentioned above? For me it looks like all it does is just change the domain from “” to my own domain. But this is not a big deal for me at this point. I need to solve more critical problems first.

Anyone could help? :roll_eyes: :cry:

The way I did it was to create a web page where I collect all the info, then use the LearnWorlds API to make a user, make that user in Auth0, create a password reset ticket in Auth0, which returns a change password link, and then present that to the user with a popup so they can set their password. That link also has a parameter where you can redirect the user to a certain page in LearnWorlds after they set their password and log in. That redirect only works with the older Universal login, not the new one.

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Thank you @jscottchapman !!

I have sent you DM, could you please check? I have a few more questions if you don’t mind.

Thanks again!