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For an application we want to use the default login form of Auth0. This is something we achieved already but right now, we have a custom web app which has 2 buttons:

  • Login: which redirects the user to the login page of Auth0
  • Register: navigates the user to a page of our custom web app to fill in a registration form (containing data loaded from an API endpoint).
    We would like to get rid of this extra click and let the user redirect instantly to the login when the users come on the application. When user wants to sign up, we would like to redirect the user to our custom form when clicking “Sign up”.

So long story short: is it possible to redirect a user to a custom page when clicking the “Sign up” button of Auth0?


As far as I know it’s not possible to substitute the link, but maybe Actions pre- or post- registration can do something for your use-case?

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:thinking: Is there any particularly reason why you feel you can’t use out-of-box Auth0 sign up workflow? Instead of preferring to design and host the sign up workflow yourself.

Universal Login offers a whole range of customisation options as part of New Experience - the recommended experience; see here for more details. And also provides a Classic Experience which, being totally client-side rendered, can provide even more customization flexibility (see here for details) for more niche scenarios. Using out-of-box workflow also means you’ll benefit from a number of other features that are provided by the platform - like our Password Policy and also Breached Password Detection, as just a couple examples.

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