Auth0 universal login but for signup

My question is related to this post: How to redirect to Signup page in new Universal Login page hosted by Auth0

We need the same behavior as the New Universal login page, meaning when I click on the Sing Up button, there should be a redirect to:
https://{CUSTOM DOMAIN}/u/signup?state={state code not important to this topic}

Is there a same way to do this other than having to hide and show sign in /sing up/ reset password forms on the same link https://{CUSTOM DOMAIN}/u/login?state={state code not important to this topic}

I want to achieve this behavior on my completely Custom Login/Sign up form

Hi @milos.spasovski

I don’t think I understand what you are trying to solve very well.
But: don’t refer to /u/signup or /u/login explicitly.
These are internal endpoints, and are not documented nor intended to be used directly by users.
They are subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE.

If you’ll explain what you are trying to achieve, I can help get there without using these endpoints.


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Hello @john.gateley ,

Just for reference, I am using the React.JS SDK from Auth0 and Universal Login that comes with it and a custom domain

What I am trying to do is use Custom Login and Sign Up form written by me, but I want them to be on separate links, like the default universal Login form is

If I hover over the Sign Up link it is on another endpoint as it can be seen on the image. How can I do this with my custom form? When I click the SignUp button with the following code loginWithRedirect({ screen_hint: 'signup', }) I want to be redirected to my custom Sign Up form and there I can Login/Sign Up and do everything the default universal form does

Hi @milos.spasovski

The easiest way to do this is to customize the ULP. Either new or classic ULP is very customizable.

If you cannot achieve what you need that way, you can do this. You need to disable self-registration in the DB connection, host your own registration page with a back end that can call the management API and create the user (and put a link to that page on the ULP). The user is not automatically logged in with this approach, as they are if you do everything in the ULP.


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Very important tips you share with us keep sharing more. Thank you.

No worries! We’re here for you!