Custom link to account registration

Hi, our organization would like to change the link on the login form for signing up for a new account. We want to direct them to our own account registration application rather than to Auth0’s registration. Is that possible?

Hi @tbarmann , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

It could be possible to do this with the Classic Universal Login, by changing the HTML. However we recommend using New Universal Login where possible , see Classic Vs New.

With New Universal Login, you would not be able to change the ‘sign up’ link, but you could choose to disallow signups through the Universal Login prompt and implement your own signup page and utilizing the management API.
To direct users from the New Universal Login page, you could look at customizing the page template, and provide a link to your own registration page within a page footer for example.
Hope this helps with your implementation, thanks!

Perfect. That’s what we’ll do. Thank you!

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