Change URL of "Sign up"-link at bottom of Login-page?

We are using the New Universal Login Experience.

At the bottom of the login page it says:
“Don’t have an account? Sign up

Is it possible to change the url of the “Sign up”-link? (We would like that link to lead to our custom sign-up page.)

Hi @johan3 ,

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The use case you are trying to achieve is only available on the Classic Universal Login page. The parameter is signUpLink.

Please communicate directly to our product team regarding your request using our feedback page and click on the Vote button. Thank you!

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Is it possible to change this signUpLink-option from the dashboard or management api? (we are using nextjs-auth0 which doesn’t seem to support Lock options)

EDIT: Found it. In dashboard: “Branding” → “Universal Login” → “Login” → “Customize Login Page”

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